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Remote Access Force was a programmers group who were programming doors for the Remote Access BBS system.
All our doors and products are freeware.
I hope that u have enjoyed our products.



Name Email Function
Pope-X aka Thepoperope Contact Page. Leader,founder and coder
Serialkiller Founder and coder
Bass Coder
Vascular Coder
Jaur Coder
Rudeboy Doccer and coder
Kenetic Asci/Ansi Artist



Projectx.exe By Pope-X

Here it is, the sources to almost all of my programs i ever coded for the RA bbs system.
All in one single installer exefile.
It also contains 2 suprise sources by serialkiller:)

RAF-ANSWER v1.3 By Pope-X

This is a SOLID program that pics up the modem and passes trough the bbs with the configured errorlevel for the selected baudrate.. heavy mulitnode support and ra support. runs ultralight in the background (less then 1% cputime) and still answers within the first ring.

RAF Online Usereditor v1.02 By Pope-X

A Very nice Program to let your users edit there personal stats.

RAF-ZAP v0.43 By Bass

This is best bidirectinal protocols around.. lightning fast fossil usage (isdn).. with Multiline/Multibbs Chat support.. offcaurse with longfilename support.. 100% dszlog compatible (other systems then ra).

Raf-spy v1.0 By Vascular

This is a nice Utilety to let the users spy on other users so that they can see there statistics and more.

Raf-Menu 0.96 By Pope-X

The best lightbar MenuSystem for RA 2.xx With loads of goodies like internal whos online, multiline message recieving/writing, internal chatter, internal ansidriver, random taglines, random prompts, random logo's and mutch more!

Raf-Who's Online v1.1 by Pope-X

this utilety has 3 who's online screens with diverent layouts. this is the cool way to show users who else is online!

LamerNuker by Jaur 0.17
LogReader by Jaur 0.7
Raf-LastCallers 1.01 by jaur
Style Changer 1.32 by jaur
Raf-Screamer 1.0 by jaur
Raf-Sysops Most Wanted by jaur
Raf-Liner 0.7 beta8 by serialkiller
Raf-Yell by Rudeboy
Raf-not by Rudeboy
Raf-RuntimeError by ALL

The End! RAF is nomore

(c) 1998 By Pope-X

latest releases by me
Copy Commander v1.0
Fast SFV v1.3

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