RelaX Guide V0.1 by Gurjinder Singh aka GodAmongDucks



1. Installing RelaX
2. Running RelaX
2.1 Installing/Uninstalling RelaX as a service
2.2 Starting and stopping the service
3. Configuring RelaX

1: Installing RelaX:

Download file from

Since RelaX does not have an installer, you will have to manually extract the files into a destination folder.

make a folder where you would like RelaX to be eg. c:\relax , unzip the folder into c:\relax or the destination you choose.

2: Running RelaX

You can choose to run relax two different ways. Either as a windows service (GUI optional) witch uses relax.exe
or as a single execution (gui dependant) witch uses relax_ns.exe, guess what the "ns" part means... ;P. Most users running
relax from their personal computer would choose to relax_ns.exe, where as you have a dedicated server relax.exe would be preferred to be run as a service.

2.1: Installing/Uninstalling RelaX as a service

Only windows NT4/2000/XP supports services

press Start on your desktop, and choose Run. Here you write:

c:\relax\relax.exe -install or
c:\relax\relax.exe -uninstall

depending on weather you want to Install or uninstall the relax streaming server, "c:\relax\" being the folder you choose to install RelaX into. When you have done this (and pressed enter ;), a dialog will appear stating that relax has been installed successfully as service. The same will happen uninstalling the service.

2.2 Starting and stopping the service

Go to Service management and locate the RelaX Service and right click the
item and choose (start or stop or pause)

Service management can be found via right mouse button on My Computer..
choose Manage.. The Computer manager will now appear.. expand "Services
and Applications" and choose "services" ...

3. Configuring RelaX

Running RelaX you will either have to use relax.exe or relax_ns.exe depending on weather or not you installed Relax as a service.
Either way one of these files will display the RelaX gui.

Upon first run you will see a two split window, with left side showing you your shares, and right side showing files and folders.

On your shares side you will see 4 pre-installed items, these being:

Configuration with containing subtitles and frame rate for subtitles.
The two other items will be: Divx and mp3

You can either choose to use these two created virtual folders, or make some new ones, or simply rename them if you want. To rename simply click on the folder and write the name you wish in the NAME entry below.

As you might have noticed Relax is able to produce virtual folders, so that you can categorize your movies and browse them through Xbox Media Player.

The virtual folder gives you the opportunity to use multiple folders on multiple hard drives and sharing these resource, so that you only have to browse ONE directory through XBMP.

If you where to make a Category called Action Films, with files placed on drives d:\action and e:\action, this is what you would do:

Right click on Divx (the predefined state, or what you chose to call it) press either ctrl-ins (for our keyboard savvy folk ;), or click Add.

This will add a virtual Folder called "Rename Please". Rename this by entering the name in the box below where it says NAME. Enter a name you like Action Films. Now you want to add the two folder on drive c: and drive d:
In the lower right side you will find a browse button and a line where you can enter folder names and a go to box.
In the blank line write D:\ (or whatever drive your folder is located on) and press "goto" or enter. Now you drag you folder from the right pane to the left and place it beneath the virtual folder you created earlier.

Do the same thing with folder number 2. Now you will have 2 folders beneath your virtual folder.
If you click on one of these two folders you will see a few things that you can change. Here is a brief description:

Name indicating the name of the folder
DisplayName the name that will be displayed through XBMP
Attribute Shows what kind of item u have selected.. (Virtual directory/directory/file/configuration tag)
Recursive Enabling sharing of the subfolders within the selected shared directory
Hidden this setting will make your folder invisible to XBMP, this is a feature to quickly enabling or disabling a folder, without adding or removing it
Flatten enabling this setting will flatten a folder structure on the selected folder. If you folder has subfolders, Relax will make it seem that all files throughout the subfolders are collected in the selected shared directory
Intergrate Enabling this will result that the directory's content will be pushed in the directory above making the folder invisible .. but the content in the folder is in the folder above
Extensions add a filter to all shared files (for example a directory had more then only movies but u only want to share moves just add "AVI;MPEG;MPG" to it and all the rest will be ignored.. when integrated this option will be not available because it's configured in the directory above

For example u have
  <Action movies>

without integration u would see "Actionmovies" and "Moreactionmovies" ... with integration u would only see the content of both folders in the "action movies folder"

For these ip´s only This gives you the possibility to specify witch ip´s are allowed to browse the folders. Eg. if you have multiple xboxes connecting, or if you want to prevent possible hacks.

Now on the two folders that we added to the virtual folder, we enable Recursive and Flatten. You can choose to enter an ip that is allowed to browse the relax folder (recommended).

that's you’ve created a virtual folder with multiple directories. XBMP will sort the files in the folder automatically, so you don't need to think about this!

If you look at the top line of Relax you will see 4 dialog boxes. These are

Shares: where you define your shares and subtitle items
Extra options: Defining a variety of things
Connections: Shows how many connections relax is hosting
Debug Log: gives you a detailed view of what is happening.

Under Extra options you will find a couple of things, most of these will be explained at the right side and is easy to understand. The only thing you really need to set is the folder that contains your subtitles and restricting which ip´s are allowed to connect to relax (recommended if relax is run 24/7 on a computer connected directly to the internet) You can choose to have a separate folder for your subtitles or keep you subtitles in the same folder as your files. Just remember to call the subtitle the exact same name as your movie file.


That's about should now be able to run and configure your relax server, without problems!