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Sunday 15 Aug 2004
New RelaX is here.. making it v0.79!
  • RelaX now works with XBMC!..... If you don't use XMBC then don't download this release
  • Just put in XBMC the path like "xns://yourip:1400/" for the root and "xns://yourip:1400/divx" for your divxes.. etc
  • here is the changelog!
    • v 0.79 (15-aug-2004)
    • * RelaX now works with XBMC.. to do that i had to rework the internal file system. that's why the following doesn't work anymore.
    • - Disabled ISO support
    • - Disabled xISO support
    • - Disabled ZIP support
    • - Disabled Shoutcast support
    • - Disabled Intergrating directorys
    • - Disabled Directory flattening
    • + Filesize reporting
    • + Filedate reporting
    • * Fixed the filelister reporting incorrect filesizes!
    • * XBMC scan's for Thumbs for each directory.. thats why it's a bit slow when entering a directory with loads of directory's.
    • * When u disable logging... Directory changing in XBMC will become faster.
    • - Some other stuff might now be broken. just mail me and i'll see what i can do.
  • download it right here
Sunday 23 Feb 2003
RelaX v0.75 comes with SHOUTcast Live support!
  • here is the changelog!
    • * Fixed bug when exiting the online documentation (fix done by Robin Ong aka Kingster)
    • + Added directory/file drag support from windows enviroment (tnx to Robin Ong aka kingster)
    • + Added Real Live SHOUTcast list support (tnx to tom pepper for the info)
    • * Fixed keeping file open in iso/xiso mode!
    • + SHOUTcast live support (.SC-live example files included)
    • + Proxy support added
    • * Http Request pass-trough added a few parameters to get it to work with IMDB
    • + Save the log to separate file
    • + option to disable the iso reader for direct pass-trough to xbmp..
Monday 3 Feb 2003
RelaX v0.71 with better SHOUTcast support!
  • here is the changelog!
    • * Fixed a bug that caused numerous SHOUTcast servers not to work. Added User-Agent to the request and every stream works fine now!
    • + added pls support for SHOUTcast server lists with failover build in! (might still be a little bit buggy)
Sunday 2 Feb 2003
RelaX comes to v0.7!
  • So here it is.. the new RelaX with SHOUTcast support!!
  • here is the changelog!
    • + SHOUTcast streaming support (Thanks to Tusse/nonSense for his XNSCast perl script showing how easy it really is to fake a mp3 file using SHOUTcast data)
    • + SHOUTcast streaming info on connections tab!
    • + Http requests support (for future versions of XBMP if it wants to download http pages from the internet! :)
    • + Global tbn directory for your thumb files :)
    • + Added TestClient.Exe + Source to the package.. An easy client to test the working of RelaX without XBMP.. (hej now i can also rip SHOUTcast streams:)
    • + Added documentation to the package!!
    • * Fixed bug which prevented the usage of the global subtitle directory
Saturday 14 Dec 2002
Whoopsie! ...
  • Server went out because i forgot to redirect the download to the faster server of SDO.. fixed!
  • Forgot to update the RelaX.exe in the release package (only RelaX_ns.exe was updated) fixed now.. both local and mirrors are updated
RelaX V0.6 out for everyone to enjoy!
  • With the release of XBMP2 there is also a new version of RelaX to support its new features!
  • Special Thanks to Espen Schaathun aka PulP for making the ISO and XISO reader for RelaX!
  • Here is the change log!
    • Iso 9660 support for browsing iso files (just as if a .bin file was a directory) Done by Espen Schaathun aka PulP (currently only .bin .iso and .img supported)
    • XIso support for browsing xiso files (just as if a .xiso file was a directory) Done by Espen Schaathun aka PulP (u must give the xiso an .xiso extention)
    • Some layout changes done by PulP (xp manifest and statusbar)
    • Zip support! List everything from within a zipfile and play from within the zipfile! (uses payware code so not included in the source package .. sorry!)
    • Added support for XbMP 2.0 XNS protocol (namely the RCAT command used for mp3 listing)
    • Tbn status report back to the attrib of the file (xbmp 2.0 feature)
    • Subtitle status report back to the attrib (xbmp 2.0 feature)
    • $ROOT$ tag for different roottags (xbmp 2.0 feature)
    • Removed the 1 stream at the time limiting (xbmp 2.0 feature)
    • Removed the subtitle cleaning (not needed anymore xbmp 2.0 does it now)
    • Make the first filemask list a * to allow all (mayb someone will make a tool to copy every file from a relax directory (xiso.. hint hint) to the xbox hdd so every file is needed:)
    • Online documentation viewer (and local documentation viewer)
    • Some bugfixes!
  • download v0.6 here or the source here
Sunday 10 Nov 2002
Online RelaX documentation
  • There is now some online documentation of RelaX v0.51 here. the documentation is written by Gurjinder Singh aka GodAmongDucks.. so many thanks go out to him for making this documentation!
  • The next version of RelaX will add a viewer for online documentation and will have the documentation in the zip package!
Friday 20 Sep 2002
RelaX V0.5 out on the streets
  • download v0.5 here or the source here
    • Compiled in delphi7
    • Removed B5 automatic directory flattening support (u can still flatten .. but now u must configure it to do so. Code was in the way of new features)
    • Removed Indy components from the source package (included in Delphi 7)
    • Split up the non service application for faster starting. the new filename for the exe without service is RelaX_ns.exe
    • Renamed Config.XML to Relax_config.xml (old config wil be read and saved to new filename)
    • Configuration file will be generated when not found
    • When adding a drive it will be added as directory instead of virtual dir
    • Configuration enabled
    • Support for subtitle directory (put all your subtitle files in one directory)
    • enabling / disabling all sorts of SRT cleaning options
    • starting and stopping of server
    • fixed the 3 line srt cleaning bug where the last line becomes the first
    • Ip filtering per virtual directory/directory/file
    • Flattening option for directory
    • Other display name for directory/file
    • Option for recursive to directory (show sub-dirs)
    • Option to make a virtual directory/directory/file hidden (temp disable)
    • Option to integrate a directory into the virtual directory above
    • Virtual configuration directories (set all kinds of settings to relax via the xbox.. like disabling subtitles etc)
    • added virtual configuration tag's (now u can set the subtitles off and on .. change the frame rate of subtitle converting .. all runtime on your xbox... and its easy extendable for the in the future)
    • Extension configuration support! (Also per (virtual) directory)
Saturday 8 Sep 2002
RelaX V0.4 Xstream Server
  • new verion available .. download it here it's now version 0.4!
    • Totally replaced the file selectors now it�s a nifty windows look-alike explorer
    • Support for drag and dropping multiple directories and files!
    • Fixed bug with to large divx's (now the bug lies with xbmp6 i guess)
    • Real-time converting .SUB subtitle files to .SRT format!
    • Subtitle cleaning (XBMP6 only show's 2 lines and some srt/sub subtitle files have 3 lines of subtitles.. I try to change this to 2 lines!
    • When xbmp stops requesting file chunks i used to go into endless waiting loop. Now I still do the same.. But I�m pinging the Xbox.. Checking to see if the Xbox was turned off.. if so relax stops waiting and terminates the connection.
    • putted this document trough a spelling/grammar checker.
    • online/real-time FAQ support
    • online/real-time Developers log.
Saturday 31 Aug 2002
RelaX V0.31 Xstream Server
  • bugfix verion available .. download it here it's now version 0.31!
    • fixed the 100% cpu usage bug when running as normal application (not service)
    • added drag and drop support for more files at once
    • added a FAQ file with most questions i get via email
    • added connection count for all users who think that RelaX is keeping connections open:)
Saturday 31 Aug 2002
RelaX v0.3 Xstream Server
  • new verion available.. of RelaX .. download it here it's now version 0.3!
    • B6 Directory support (works with the virtual directory introduced in v02!)
    • Fixed timeout routines.. now u can pause a divx for like 5 hrs and resume.. and it still goes on!
    • Fixed files hanging (when xbmp doesn't play the file it leave's the file open on the server and doesn't send a clse command). so when another session starts i will close any previous connection
    • Splitted up the main unit into several other units.. it was becomming way to big... and i needed clean cuts of functionallity that i needed in the following feature
    • Added Windows NT service support (yeah this was the feature i'm talking about)
    • download link above... (source also)
Monday 26 Aug 2002
RelaX Xstream Server
  • Back 2 business .. i've programmed a nice tool to let you share your media files to your xbox media player this xbmp B5 is so mucho kewl.. and xbmp B6 is going to rock! but there wasn't any xstream server around that i liked (the .net version was to .net for me/the java version just didn't work here/WXstream 1.52 was/is getting there but not enough for me) so i decided to make my own.. contacted runtime and he was so friendly to give me the sourcecode of his .net server. so programming began.. after only 2 hours of fooling around with indy in delphi i got it working. made a simple directory share implementation and i released v0.1. and last weekend was spend making the configuration nicer.. the streaming flawless (i hope).. implementing updates scanning etc. the result is downloadable here
  • download link above...
  • currently implementing NT service support/splitting code/stay in tray and already fixed some more bugs .. hopefully i have this done very soon and it will be downloadable here.
Friday 20 Jul 2001
  • is officially in the air .. moved all content to new server

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